Welcome to Nutritional/Energy Medicine which is about whole being healing.      There is nothing separate in mind, body, spirit.    Everything is connected by nerves and body intelligence messages.

Consultations are uniquely tailored by Dawn.

Email  to arrange an introductory telephone or Skype conversation to see how I may help you.

You may want to alleviate current symptoms and discomforts; or you wish to safeguard your health for the future

Either way, these symptoms – which are your body’s way of communicating with you and giving an early warning – may be eased or healed:

DIGESTIVE: constipation, bloating, IBS, weight issues

MOOD: depression, anxiety, insomnia, lack of motivation, brain fog, poor memory recall

FATIGUE: low energy,  insomnia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME/CFIDS

MUSCLE: joint pain, arthritis

SKIN: eczema, psoriasis, rashes



PREVENTION of SYMPTOMS before they arise!

The part heals when the whole becomes well.  Plato 429 BC

A truly amazing healer, Dawn Adrienne Taylor has been an on- going inspirational guide throughout my pregnancy and now that my daughter is one, (my first child in my 40s), we are both thriving. 

Dawn’s accurate knowledge and innate wisdom are a much appreciated divine presence and companion to the sacred unfolding of our life.  She is a supportive, honest, genuine woman, very generous in sharing her passion and curiosity for life, nature and food.   I highly recommend her to everyone willing to stay healthy, happy and well.



I can already see and feel impressive results from Dawn’s teachings!     I feel so much more hormonally balanced than before with higher energy levels.      I take long flights regularly for work and recently returned from an intense business trip with severe colonic pain.     A scan could not find the problem so they said I’d need an MRI but I did not want to go this route.   I spent 3 days following Dawn’s methods and the pain just healed and I feel wonderful!   People around me were truly astonished by such prompt healing. 




Re-awaken your cells to learn how to treat yourself using nutrient-dense, energizing foods that boost your energy from the mitochondrial core of every cell!

Regain the quality of life and the feeling of joy that wellness brings. 

Empower and protect your immune system when you nourish with the OPTIMUM NUTRITION your body craves, enhancing your skin, nails and hair.

Discover easy naturopathic methods and relaxation techniques you can do at home, which support wellness and healing, boosting and empowering your protective immune system.

Learn instant stress releasing methods that alter your state from anxiety to calm in a couple of minutes.

Find out which herbs nourish YOUR unique biochemistry for your health insurance. 


The greatest wealth is health.


It can take years to seek out the optimum ways to source the cause of symptoms. 

I see beneath the surface to reveal to you the influences and catalysts; then teach you the ultimate methods of whole healing that work for you.  

Over time, I’ve researched (and continue to do so) the best nutrient-dense foods, selected the purest food-form additions using the very latest insights into health, appropriate for your unique Whole Being Healing. 

Your path to greater wholeness is an evolving journey, so we make changes at your own pace.

You are genetically unique as we all are – an individual with your own exclusive expression, essential to this world – ready for full bloom!

We visited Dawn for my daughter’s eczema which she had had for many years.    No matter what we’d tried previously, it did not improve.   We visited our doctor many times and tried various skin creams without success, then a friend recommended Dawn. 
I had been suffering from debilitating fatigue for couple of years, headaches, my skin and hair was dry and my nails were chipping, I felt bloated most of the time and had other discomforts.     I had also visited my doctor numerous times who performed all the necessary tests to find out the reason for my tiredness.  Doctors and friends said it could be because I am in menopause (I am 51 years old) but my hormone levels appeared normal.     
I run a busy dental practice and the symptoms were affecting my day to day focus and motivation.   After visiting Dawn, she spend one day with me and another day with my daughter.   She went thoroughly through our diet and history, gave demonstrations,  designed recipes and recommended a diet and lifestyle change for us.       I didn’t make the changes at first as it seemed time consuming but I stayed in contact with Dawn who supported and encouraged us to implement the delicious, dietary substitutes.   
Magic started to happen!    I gained energy and vitality, I had no  menopausal symptoms, I no longer need to use make-up because my skin is glowing, the bloated tummy has completely gone and my hair and nails are stronger.    Everyone says I even look younger. 
Another bonus is I lost one stone!   
My daughter’s eczema has disappeared completely.     Imagine how that was  best ever thing that could happen to a mother for her daughter to be healed.  Now, we are so used to the dietary changes and it has been an amazing  transformation!      So much so, that we cannot imagine ever going back to the old habits.      It turned out it was a lot easier than I had imagined. 
Friends and family want to know what we are doing to look so slender, vibrant and healthy!   I cannot enough thank you Dawn for all your advice and support.   Thanks to  Dawn, my recommending friend and my daughter.




THE BODY IS AN INCREDIBLE AND MAGNIFICENT ORGANISM which has a built-in, homoeostatic healing and survival instinct.   Its sole aim is survival above all else.   

Millions of messages each second are communicated to all 100 trillion cells in order to achieve this. 


Every muscular contraction contains the history and meaning of its origin.   

Wilhelm Reich

Memories and collective consciousness are also held in vibration in the body which can alter its chemistry.   We have it within us to release all that no longer serves us.  Because of my own history, I’ve always known that we possess infinite potential in mind and spirit, way beyond immediate imagining.

Your body is designed to detoxify, cleanse and heal  – providing you learn how to give it the best, all-round chances possible.   Learning how is key.

I wish you profound, lifelong joy which begins with vibrant health!


Health is the primary duty of life.

The Great Oscar Wilde


Dawn has studied food and nutrition for over 30 years, qualified at the College of Natural Nutrition, gives health talks, writes articles and also teaches the benefits of raw, plant-based, living food with demonstrations.     

She has practised yoga and Transcendental Meditation for over 30 years, Tibetan Rites, EFT, Rebirthing, Hypnotherapy and other energy medicine balancing techniques.   She is a Reiki Teacher practising since 2002, and a lifelong Psychic Intuitive Empath who also loves to sing Italian opera.

The premise of her work has always been that energy (mind) and matter (body) are interdependent; and that the human spirit and potential are infinite.

Enhancing the light at the centre of our DNA (producing bio-photons) – that is, letting your light shine on every level –  is the key to unleashing your unlimited and infinite potential. This is the path to WHOLE BEING HEALING.  

If you want to alleviate ongoing discomforts or you wish to safeguard your health for the future email:

or telephone:     020 7460 1600

A course of five weekly sessions of 1½ hours where you receive the essential support, follow-up resources and guidance to WHOLE BEING HEALING which could change your life if you really want to.

We are not here to diagnose, cure or treat individualised labelled illnesses, nor would we wish to.    Our bodies are designed to heal themselves given the right environment.   Only change your medication with your GPs advice.

Please place your pleasantries here!

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