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Winter Solstice Neolithic Temple

Solar reflections over Pen Ponds, Richmond Park Hail Happy Yule!    The Winter Solstice New Moon in Capricorn astrologically/ astronomically, as the Sun has been waning going lower in the sky, has made the nights seem longer because of the darkness. … Continue reading

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La Divina

To my heart-hearing, she was the greatest soprano and dramatic actress ever.    I performed this on Monday evening as a dedication, as Callas often ended her final tours with it.    From Puccini’s opera Gianni Schicchi: One glance, a slight … Continue reading

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In Capricorn, the Sun is reborn…

Happy Holy Day Joyful Holiday! Greetings on this sacred Winter Solstice 2013 which peaks at 17.11 today; as the crepuscule continues yet the light returns after the Sun has been “still” In Capricorn, the Sun is reborn.       It is reborn … Continue reading

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Hail Harvest!

Sweet, energising harvest: My Raw Cacao Crunch with Rose Petal Tea below Hail Lughnasadh Harvest! The festival took place yesterday heralding the time of Summer harvest which would normally indicate the decline of Summer.   The weather and the seasons,  now … Continue reading

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Nine Wise Elders

Though tall the oak, and firm its stem, Though far abroad its boughs are spread, Though high the poplar lifts its head, I have no song for them. A theme more bright, more bright would be The winsome, winsome elder … Continue reading

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Spring Dreams

O, what land is the Land of Dreams? What are its mountains, and what are its streams?   from “The Land of Dreams by William Blake (1757-1827) Greetings, as we bathe in the flow of the recent New Moon in Taurus … Continue reading

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Asclepius in the Final Weeks of Winter

Wonderfully waxy buds wisely waiting to unfold As the final weeks of Winter conclude, fleet-footed February with its freezing, frosty air and soothing sapphire skies simply flew by. On those precious, warming, Spring-like days we all welcome so much, the … Continue reading

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De Profundis….

At all costs I must keep Love in my heart.. (or) what will become of my soul? De Profundis From the Depths On 30th November, it was my great literary genius hero’s commemoration.    Oscar Wilde was a glorious, profoundly magnanimous spirit who suffered … Continue reading

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Sylvan Solace

Hau, Mitakuye Oyasin!  Hello,  All my relations! A month has flown by.  I’ve visited the stillness of the sunwashed Cleveland Hills – not, on this occasion, the wild, gusting-gale moors of Kathy and Healthcliff’s “Wuthering Heights” mercifully!    Elsewhere, the vistas of deep crimson,  rich copper, purple and scarlet foliage is gradually being replaced with floating, … Continue reading

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Eve of Beltane

Beltane Greetings All! Beltane, the Gaelic word for May is a powerful time signifying fertility, germination, the coming of the light and marks the mid point between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice.  There have traditionally been fire festivals symbolising the waxing power of the Sun … Continue reading

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