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A Neolithic Journey – Magical Mounds

Pilgrimage Trilogy     3 of 3:   Silbury Hill, Wiltshire Such magical mounds were clearly designed to be visible across the horizon and this massive prehistoric, 130+ feet (40 metres) high, flat-topped hill with its moat, is the largest, man-made mound … Continue reading

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Asclepius in the Final Weeks of Winter

Wonderfully waxy buds wisely waiting to unfold As the final weeks of Winter conclude, fleet-footed February with its freezing, frosty air and soothing sapphire skies simply flew by. On those precious, warming, Spring-like days we all welcome so much, the … Continue reading

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Exordium – all about Light

1st January 2013 (taken near Chiswick Eyot – reachable on foot when the tide’s out) Jubilarian Greetings in this New (Y)era 2013!     This exordium is our opportuity to begin anew, and continues through the first quarter with many New Year celebrations still to come in … Continue reading

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Sylvan Solace

Hau, Mitakuye Oyasin!  Hello,  All my relations! A month has flown by.  I’ve visited the stillness of the sunwashed Cleveland Hills – not, on this occasion, the wild, gusting-gale moors of Kathy and Healthcliff’s “Wuthering Heights” mercifully!    Elsewhere, the vistas of deep crimson,  rich copper, purple and scarlet foliage is gradually being replaced with floating, … Continue reading

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Tei Tituaabine

New Moon in Leo Blessings and Beginnings!   Kam na mauri!   (hello all!) If what I say resonates with you, it is merely because we are both branches on the same tree.   W B Yeats Tei Tituaabine, “Mother of Trees,” is a … Continue reading

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Lughnasadh Fruits

Greetings on the first Harvest of 2012! This time last year, the bushes along the river were lusciously laden with blackberries (above) but there are none yet to be seen though the Farmers Markets are full of berries despite the poor Summer.    After … Continue reading

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Greetings All on this Mayan New Year 2012!   Year of the Blue Resonant Storm.     I will leave Eden Sky, Red Self-Existing Skywalker    to explain in her words: The Rainbow Bridge  Around Earth is a key symbol for December 21, 2012  which … Continue reading

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New Era of Consciousness Gestates

Greetings on the Solar Annular Eclipse! Is humanity in the throes of significant evolutionary mass enlightenment?    It certainly felt like a metamorphosis for me upon waking today!   What are the implications of today’s rare Solar Annular Eclipse and the cosmic events of the coming weeks?   … Continue reading

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Rún, University of London Happy Imbolc – already!   2012 is passing quickly in this rapidly changing, illusory “time” world!   I celebrated this Celtic festival by seeing the band Rún at my old University of London this week, who sang songs in … Continue reading

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