Dawn is truly an inspiring person. With her radiant light she guides you through your personal spiritual journey with her energetic healing practices. In addition she has a wealth of knowledge how to nurture yourself as it is meant to be. I’ve made the initial steps to awakening and keen to further empower myself to energize, heal and transform.
Lauren Johnson, Manager, People & Change, Reiki Level 2
email:         telephone:  020 7460 1600
Master Teacher Member


For I, Usui, am a river. I flow from the past to the future, through many turnings, yet I am that same river, in the past, in the present, in the future.   Mikao Usui Sensei, Founder of Usui Reiki Ryoho


Reiki will find your gift and bring it out.  Reiki helps people to gain their life dreams.  It is a strength they carry with them and it helps them in every walk of life. 
Mrs Hawayo Takata, who brought Reiki to the West
Reiki is a  gentle, simple way of RELIEVING STRESS; promoting deep CALM; enhancing SELF-HEALING; aiding FOCUS; and EFFORTLESS RELAXATION regardless of religion or spiritual belief.
It is both a stand-alone treatment and a supportive method for all body, mind, spirit and emotional distress or disease. 
Reiki is COMPATIBLE with all other therapies and is used in GP surgeries, hospitals; and in veterinary and equine treatments across the world.
Reiki was discovered by Mikao Usui Sensei in the 1800s.   There is much evidence of a form of Reiki being practised in India, Egypt and many other countries long before.   It is a very ancient practice.
Usui Sensai was explicit in that he wanted his Reiki method to be available to everyone.
 Illness often forces us to relax, let go of all our busyness and efforting and drop into a deep quiet level of consciousness where we can receive the nourishing energy that we need.
From “Creative Visualisation” by Shakti Gawain 1982

Picture 374


My family have asked me what has changed as I seem to be so calm and peaceful!         AD
A Reiki treatment from a practitioner is outwardly very simple.     A treatment lasts 1 or 1½ hours and is conducted with the client lying down, (or seated where appropriate) fully-clothed, in a comfortable position. The practitioner places their hands gently, in a series of established positions, on or over the body.  The whole person is treated rather than specific symptoms, though we give special attention to specific ailments. 
Reiki is non-manipulative and may be experienced as a flow of energy, mild tingling, warmth, coolness, or other sensations.  Reiki is deeply relaxing, eases stress and has a calming, restorative, balancing effect.   
Reiki is practised in hospices, oncology wards and therapy clinics as it is compatible and complementary to all other treatments as well as being a stand-alone treatment of itself.  
Over the years of self-treatments and giving treatments, I’ve found ample evidence that Reiki begins to work at a profound level the moment we’ve made contact for the appointment.    
In other words, there seems to be a conscious and subconscious connection established on an energetic level even prior to the treatment itself.      
Reiki recipients also find that Reiki energy continues long after the treatment.   Especially, many notice an exceptionally good night’s sleep as the deep relaxation takes place enabling healing to take place.
Initial consultation and treatment 1.5 hours £65 
Subsequent treatments 1 hour £50
Three 1 hour treatments booked in advance £140
(Three initial treatments in close succession are always recommended.)
I had been reading books and articles about Reiki, before completing Reiki I training, but truly underestimated its action and effects on body, emotions and mind/spirit.   Thus, immediately after completing Reiki I, a severe digestive disorder I had been suffering from for weeks just vanished in one day. But the most impressive effect I experienced was a sudden peace of mind and disappearance of random hectic thoughts and anxiety.   Recently, I provided two Reiki treatments to family members. I was a bit shy and not fully assured of my skill at the beginning. The two persons however immediately felt Reiki effect, describing heat and electric sensation. One of them felt immediate relief of a shoulder/neck pain.   I really encourage everybody to learn Reiki. This technique is beautiful and easy to learn.   Namaste! 
L.L.,  Lawyer, Reiki 3A
Reiki’s a beautiful feeling!  
Norma Taylor (my Mother, after her Reiki I attunement!)



(Shoden/ first teachings
This has been the most wonderful experience.  I am blessed to have shared this time and receive such wisdom and insight from Dawn.     It is also a joy to learn that someone else shares my belief in infinite human potential.        After this Reiki workshop, I feel equipped to make real, the vision I’ve long held.     I hope our friendship continues.    With love and gratitude. 
Richard Cameron, Adventurer, Reiki 1
Reiki level I is a two-day training (consecutive days or separate), available to all sentient beings!    Reiki is easy to learn and simple to practise.   
Anyone who has the desire and intent can learn Reiki as previous experience is unnecessary to learn this life skill.
Reiki is activated in the hands through four Reiki attunements carried out by the Reiki Master (myself).    
After completing the certificated, two-day Reiki 1 training, the participant has Reiki for life.    She or he is then fully trained and qualified to treat herself/himself as well as friends, family, clients, pets and even plants, with Reiki.  
The Reiki 1 training provides you with a combination of practical learning, so that you are completely confident in how to use Reiki.   
Through the oral tradition of story telling, you discover how Reiki came to the west, learn of your new Reiki lineage back to Usui Sensei; and the infinite ways you can integrate Reiki into all areas of your life.  
By the end of this training you will already have experienced self-treatments, have the experience of giving a Reiki treatment and you will have Reiki energy for life.
Classes are taught in small groups or on a one-to-one basis.  
Two-Day Reiki 1 Training:  £180 (at my venue, prices may change to cover costs, if I have to travel)
Thank you so much for these two AMAZING days.   This experience has changed my life.   Really powerful.    You are an amazing soul.    Lots of love.
Jonathon Bulgarelli, Style Consultant, London, Reiki 1





(Okuden/ deeper inner teachings)
My biggest awakening yet.   Dawn is a wonderful and attentive teacher and the two days together have been magical.      Reiki 1 was magical but Reiki 2 was truly supernatural!    Students unsure of further development will find even deeper solace in Reiki 2.  
John Leslie Carey, Stylist Consultant, London; Reiki 2
Reiki Level 2 Workshop is for students who have been self-practising Reiki 1 consistently for three to six months   This is an empowering energy advancement.  
You learn additional techniques and how to draw and activate three Reiki symbols enabling you to send Reiki to others over distance, time and space.  
You discover how to incorporate Reiki beneficially in unlimited ways in your daily life, in any environment, enhancing home, work and travel.  
Reiki 2 supports your personal metamorphosis even further at this exciting time in our era.     The Reiki 2 teachings empower you in all challenges and aspects of your daily existence and in life’s wider perspective.   
Two Day Certificated Reiki 2 Training:   £300




Dear Dawn,  Thank you very much for my Reiki Review day on Saturday.  I really enjoyed it and feel I have got so much out of it including some things I didn’t know.   It has revived my interest and reminded me of the symbols again.  Your file is very useful.     It was a really great day!    I gave myself a treatment on Saturday night but fell asleep before I finished.  Thank you for all the tea and raw biscuits, they were lovely!       
VB, Physiotherapist, Reiki Review Day Levels 1 and 2
The Reiki Review Day may be one or two days depending on the requirements of the individual.     If you are not one of my Reiki students or you have lost touch with your Reiki self-practice and tuition, this one-day Reiki intensive will remind you, teach you techniques traditional and new and get you back in touch with Reiki practice and intune with your higher inner nature.   
Fee depending upon tuition/time required for the individual which may be one or two days.




Your life is your unique adventure ~ observing, constantly unfolding ~ as a direct result of the evolving vibrational ability of your genetic blueprint.     
Each student receives a full transcript of my Reiki journey and research  prior to the Reiki trainings.
 I first encountered Reiki in 1996; and later met a Tibetan trained teacher whilst in Sardinia.   I  have been a Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master teaching since 2005; having trained for over three years, which included teaching practice, giving Reiki talks and organising an international conference lead by Rick Bockner (the last Reiki Master taught by Mrs Hawayo Takata, who brought Reiki to the West).
From an early age, my main experience was that everything was energy.    I remembered my past prior to incarnation and experiences in the womb.
From birth I experienced psychic, spirit and out-of-body-experiences, astral travel and predictive dreams amongst other occurrences I thought were normal. 
As a teenager, I began “hearing” and “seeing” people’s traumas and thoughts written in their energy bodies, and was able to help people resolve them.   
Reiki helped to enhance all of the above gifts with regular practice.   It is now my privilege to share the empowering gift of Reiki with you.      




Dawn has been instrumental in guiding my Reiki practice.  Her down to earth and approachable nature is perfectly balanced by her spirituality, compassion and thirst for knowledge.   You are in good Reiki hands. 
Emily, Writer, South Africa; Reiki 3A
The Advanced Reiki Workshop is a one-day intensive only for my Reiki 2 and above students.  With this practical training you will also receive full notes, resources, reading recommendations and online video links.   
Experience and regular self-practice is essential for this deep experience which  opens neuropathways to create new possibilities and enhancing your perception ability; the natural law of learning in Spirit.
As with all Reiki methods, they are simple in their application.
In the past, the Advanced Reiki Workshop has included the following:
Practical exercise to discover more deeply Hibiki sensations; Reiji- Ho “indication of the spirit;”  Byosen Reikan-Ho (scanning) which  Dr Usui taught to his students at the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai, in his “Usui Reiki Healing Method Learning Society”) formed in 1920s   
Practising in pairs Gyoshi Ho, healing through eyes; observing the body memory; additional protection and manifestation methods; sound for release and immune strengthening; shamanic insights; kundalini breathing in Nature becoming in tune; and feeling the deeper understanding of our Cosmic/Earth connection.
Advanced Reiki Day fee:  £150



I am so glad to have come across you and all your advice.  Thank you. TD

Reiki Share Groups are free to all my Reiki students and Reiki clients; and are held on certain days of the Earth calendar when possible.

email:         telephone:  020 7460 1600
Master Teacher Member


Viva Reiki!  I thoroughly enjoyed Reiki 1 and learned a lot.    I’ve been treating myself ever since, and felt an immediate improvement in my toe injury that had been killing me for weeks!   After about ten minutes of Reiki, I felt as if the whole toe had been highlighted and it’s almost recovered. As you can imagine, I’m absolutely delighted!
                                                    Mark, London Reiki  1                                                               
I met Dawn in 2007 when I was in a particularly stressful situation in my life.    What struck me straight away was her warm welcome and the feeling of calmness in her home. She understood how I was feeling.  After my first Reiki session, corny as it may sound….my life has never been the same again!  It was an extraordinary experience and after a few more sessions, I could see light at the end of the tunnel.  I would thoroughly recommend visiting Dawn if you wish to experience the beautiful power of Reiki, or if require some guidance in your life.
Pauline, City of London; Reiki  2


Recieving Reiki 2 was quite emotional and was a bit of a rollercoaster.   However, I truly enjoyed the experience and I feel it was down to my Reiki teacher Dawn Taylor who gave me great support and and is a wonderful and very experienced and exceptional teacher of Reiki.   Dawn is very sincere, down to earth, has a great sense of humour, warm, honest and highly intelligent.    Dawn has taught me many things about myself and Reiki.    To be honest, I really don’t know where I would be without Dawn.   I also received my Reki Level 3A in May 2010 with the help of Dawn.    Dawn practices what she preaches, I can’t say a lot of people adhere to that.    Dawn has not only helped me with Reiki but also with issues regarding my health, diet and well-being.  In the last ten years, I can wholistically say that my mind and body has improved greatly, and this is partly due to Dawn sharing her knowledge and wisdom with me.   I still have quite a way to go, but haven’t we all?   Reiki will make you an all-round a happier and fulfilled person in mind, body and deed.     Reiki will make you feel strong, confident, happy (it will put a smile on your face!), a strong desire to understand people more, gain insights into why we do what we do – good or bad – and the karmic effect.   It will help you get on better with others, family and friends.   It will lift your spirits and make you question why are we doing bad to one another.   It’s also simple and easy, it’s not complicated or intellectual.      Once you have been attuned Reiki, put your hands on, job done!       
Kevin, Musician,  London Reiki 3A
I felt relaxed and in high spirits! ETS                   


DSC05882The power to heal rests within each of us.       Dawn


email:         telephone:  020 7460 1600
Master Teacher Member
PLEASE NOTE:   Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 take two days each, with 3-6 months daily self-practise in between.   There is no obligation to continue after Reiki 1.   This is a personal decision between yourself and your Reiki Master.
I teach an Advanced Reiki Course  for serious students who practise daily and who have integrated Reiki 2 skills into all areas of their lives, prior to the Reiki Master Training.
Reiki Master training takes about 1 year, and intense inner healing gnosis and gaining a profound perspective on your path.   
Reiki is, a above, all a self-practice and a spiritual journey of deep, inner self-discovery.    It is also a treatment of others, pets and plants included.
Quantum physicists have learned how to use the superluminal power of Reiki and its great value.    It’s used in oncology wards and in animal sanctuaries.
With the strong foundation of my broad experience and supportive teachings – aligned with your commitment to your Self –  you grow the roots to become a fine practitioner of Reiki for others.     You can also create transformational, empowering life changes with grace, flow and ease.
My teachings include the wider use of global symbolism and ritual; personal spiritual and emotional coaching as well as Nature pursuits such as how to use local, wild herbs and raw foods.
I remain in gratitude to all my wonderful students past and present.   
Wisatologi nihi,  (with many blessings on your journey)     Dawn

© Photographs and narrative by Dawn Adrienne Taylor

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