Inspirational Imbolc

DSC08527Cherry Blossom Tree

Stelliferous Imbolc Greetings!

The New Year began for me as the Light returned, with the Winter Solstice.    The wheel of the Earth calendar has now turned to Imbolc in the Northern Hemisphere (Lughnasadh in the Southern Hemisphere).

This is the time we feel the primal stirrings of birthing and rebirth.    It provides opportunities for each of us to propagate the seeds of our own intentions, to consider our highest desires and wishes, for forthcoming proliferation and manifestation.

Through the first force of inner, initial awakenings of Spring, our ideas, inspiration, intent and illumination begin to emerge.

From leafless Winter branches, the exquisite cherry blossom on this tree today above, will transform into ambrosial cherries in a few months’ time.   One of my favourite Summer fruits.


All we really want is to live a joyful and meaningful life, perhaps in the eudaimonic (daimon meaning spirit or true self) way Aristotle described, without being placed in the boxes society has constructed, or having the vacuous pseudo-hedonism inflicted upon us and assaulting our senses.

There’s no doubt the last was an intense year for many, but it ended for me with even greater optimism and intent.    Intent being the quality, that Shamans say, underpins the universe.

It is said Shamanism is many thousands of years old.  The term means “one who knows.”     One who is connected to the Earthly and Cosmic realms and to the Self; who is capable of interracting with both benevolent and malevolent spirits in order to change reality, create harmony and healing.

We are of the Earth and of the Stars.   This outwardly turbulant era is a time for a deeper vision quest for each of us to reconnect inwardly, to our true essence, through:

Observation ~ the first law of knowledge.   Performed with powerful perception, heightened senses, being wide awake and all-seeing, from deep within the Self.      Looking profoundly into everything, viewing all situations, seeing the vibration of each person.

Above all, contemplating and learning from the rhythms of Nature in quietude, in order to see through the eyes truth, dispelling illusion, delusion and to “beware false prophets.”  Matthew 7:15     The more conscious we are, the deeper and instantaneous the perspective.

DSC03431The all-seeing eye of the tree

Ancient Culture ~ utilising the extant wisdom, tradition, heritage and lore established by the ancestors and passed on passed down through the ages, much of which has been displaced – but which may be rediscovered through observation.

Experimentation ~ having observed and used  what works within the cycles of Nature and the Cosmos, and what does not, and trying new ways of living aligned.

At school in the 1960s,  art classes of the region gathered in a large theatre to hear an artist speak.    I’ll always remember one sentence: “I can teach ALL of you how to paint – but NONE of you how to see  –  you can only do that for your self.”

What is termed progress is destroying the integrity of the individual from within as it demands such unearthly compromise and ignorance of truth.  

Manly P Hall

Back to Nature, the path of illumination and rejuvenation.

DSC08379Twisting, turning pink almond blossom

The season in London and elsewhere, has been extraordinarily warm.  In 2014, Spring didn’t arrive until May.   Spring 2016 arrived by early December 2015!    Is it part of a cycle, an Earth response or geo-engineering manipulation?

I’ve found lady birds, instead of hibernating, wide awake in my parsley from the Farmer’s Market and in the wild gorse where I  nibble its nutty, sweet, bright yellow flowers.     A bee was also sharing these with me, visiting each day.    Daffodils, daisies, snowdrops and crocus all sprang up in December.       Delicious almond blossom also bloomed with January’s arrival.

Even a butterfly fluttered by on the last day of 2015!

My friend here turned to face the camera as she balanced on the prickly gorse spikes as if it were a tightrope!


I thank this Earth without whose pounding, considerate core of physical and energetic nourishment, we simply would not be.

Let us be united in sacred consciousness – and not untied in scared unconsciousness!

Whatever steps you may take on your journey …..


Whorlton Castle, Swainby, 11th century

…. whichever paths you may peregrinate;  or gateways you choose to go through…

DSC08505Bishops Palace Walled Garden Entrance 1400s

… may all the seeds of optimism and intent you sow during this time of great Spring proliferation 2016, manifest with meaningful memory when you look back, at the end of this year.

For oft, when on my couch I lie
In vacant or in pensive mood,
They flash upon that inward eye
Which is the bliss of solitude;
And then my heart with pleasure fills,
And dances with the daffodils.         WW



Gorse and Crocus


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