Kwak wha, Lolmani

DSC07436Greetings this Autumnal Equinox!

I spent a beautiful journey meandering the mossy moors with their acres of pink-purple heather and vibrant green fern scenting this sacred, healing air.     It was warm enough so I could paddle barefoot through a tranquil  stream and feel purified.

After this glorious visit with my wonderful family, I immersed myself solo in the woods of Richmond Park on the Autumnal Equinox, observing Nature and listening to the bellows of the red deer stags.

At this time of year, their loud voices echo around Richmond Park as these fine, muscular creatures demand dominion, showing off their antlers with great pride, as the rutting season commences.

As I took the video, this chap gazed right back at me whilst he guarded his herd.    I told him intuitively that I mean no harm.  He seemed to get that message and carried on.

In the northern hemisphere, the weather cools, nights lengthen, the leaves and horse chestnuts begin to fall.     The elderberries I collected earlier are merging with alcohol for tinctures, the yarrow drying for infusions and balms.    Nettle leaves and seeds strengthen us, yew tree berries –  some of Nature’s sweets –  are delicious (NOT the poisonous seed inside!).    It’s the time I wish I’d collected even more bags of linden and red clover flowers.

The metaphorical seeds we planted either in individual thought, intention, deed and through mass consciousness awakening, are ripe for manifestation at this time.

I hope the skies are clear for the the Full Aries Moon Total Solar Eclipse tomorrow (Blood Moon), the final eclipse of 2015.


I wish you an abundant harvest for both body and soul; and a calm passage through any turbulent seas.

  Kwak wha, Lolmani

(thank you, may there be good things in the future.)

from the Hopi Prayer for Peace letter by Kikmongwi (Village Chief)

DSC07432With love, Dawn








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