Mabon Raw Reiki Mawashi and Share

DSC03804Autumnal Greetings, this lovely Full Blood or Harvest Moon Total Lunar Eclipse,  in powerful Aries, inviting us towards flexibility, adaptability and transformation; to accept major changes with enthusiasm – and to plan for exciting new ventures to begin in November.

Despite having to delay the trips I’d planned to sacred sites earlier this month and initial computer connection issues as Mercury began its retrograde route  (or was it the geodetic stress of the thunderstorms?), life and the “weather continues charming!” as Cecily said in The Importance of Being Earnest.

A couple of weeks ago, I held an Autumnal Equinox Reiki Mawashi and Reiki Share Group for some of my students (men and women) which was wonderful.     We toasted this abundant Autumn season with the above burgundy Hibiscus Wine I’d made (non-alcoholic).

As we gathered, our Mabon feast consisted of the canapes below:    raw tomato and herb heart-bread with cucumber, raw artichoke pate and pistachio;  or with raw pesto and raw goat’s cheese.      The chives are still happily growing in my window box, though not for long with the onset of these cooler nights.

DSC03743We created our circle, with my Zambian drum in the centre and  candle above with Autumnal leaves, crab-apples, rose-hips, haws (which will be consumed or  returned to Nature, not discarded).

The bees wax candle hand-made by a friend, represents the analogy made by Dr Usui, that each new person initiated to Reiki has the potential to burn as brightly and radiate Reiki light-healing energy.     Light is sound and vibration which is also the sacred geometry that creates everything.      Every plant, every rock, every cell of our body has a sound – this can be measured scientifically – and for 1000s of years, the harmony has been clearly audible by those who live with the Earth’s rhythms.

DSC03745The harmony of our breathing, as I learned as a Rebirther in the 1970s, forms the connection between the conscious mind and the unconscious mind; and creates the balance between the energy body and physical body.     So we began with  8 breaths of pranayama, 8 for infinity, (H being the 8th letter of the alphabet), symbolising: as above so below, as within, so without.

I read a Nature/Earth meditation (Zazen, guided meditation) which has evolved through my morning rituals in Margravine amongst the trees still so gorgeously green.   We welcomed in the light to ourselves and respectively radiated out our collective light in a constant flow.  Everything is as it is.    There is bliss in this moment.


As Summer into Autumn slips
And yet we sooner say
“The Summer” than “the Autumn,” lest
We turn the sun away.           Emily Dickinson

Genki is good health energy flow and byoki is blocked or disharmonious ki or inner energy where there exists, or is likely to be created a physical symptom.   Every condition we produce has a different vibration.    Every thought, memory, experience, molecule, bacteria, virus, like us, has a resonance – positive or negative, harmonious or dissonant.      When the latter remains unresolved, unreleased, it then leads to physical problems that call for attention.

A Reiki Mawashi is when a circle of people initiate Reiki energy to flow.     You can place your hands (left palm up to receive; right down to give) to create a circuit of constant flow and let the vortex of energy begin, which is very powerful.

DSC06623Towards the close of the Mawashi, we each spoke aloud or silently those names to whom we wished to send Reiki healing energy.    We shared our thoughts.      The Native American who came to me with a message on the Summer Solstice last year; and reappeared in the woods during a Shamanic gathering who also saw and heard the group he’d brought with him, visited me again during the Mawashi.

A Reiki Share Group  is when each person receives a Reiki treatment by everyone in the group at once.   This is more than the equivalent of a several hour treatment.    When it was my turn, I developed a cough!    This may have been a release of something; and it soon subsided when all students contributed to healing it for me.

I’d asked for someone to focus on my lower leg which I sensed (as a Device-less Dowser) has been the result of some recent concerns about others and late nights/early mornings.     The student working on that leg, said she couldn’t stop yawning during the treatment and felt heat there.    I explained that I’d been burning the candle at both ends!

We ended the evening with a final review of our experiences and a cup of Elder infusion, so Elda Mor could warm everyone for their journey home.

Everyone reported a good night of deep, restful sleep that night – it’s always the case with Reiki as such harmony has been restored.

One of my lovely students, who gives Reiki to animals, had brought me a purple bag of  chestnuts that he’d gathered – there’s plenty for all fauna!        I made raw chestnut milk and have so far made raw chestnut and ‘toffee cheese’cake and a Maca-Reishi-ccino!    Perfectly heart-warming on cool Autumnal mornings.      With gratitude.

To use my recipe or adapt it, please see:   Chagaccino and Maca Balls post

DSC06649The next open event for students will be between Samhain and the Winter Solstice.

With Reiki blessings, All, in gassho

Dawn’s Raw Cacao Creations


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