Summer Solstice Eve

I am the fire that burns within your soul
I am the Holy light that fills and makes you whole
I am the Flame within, that never dies
I am the sun that will ever arise
Power of the Sun we honor you this night
We leap across the fire to keep our spirits bright
Power of the Sun, fire in the night
We leave behind, that which blinds, to restore our sight
I am the fire that clears away the old
I am the holy light that guides you to your soul
I am the Flame Of Love for which you yearn
I am the sun that will always return

Summer Solstice Song,  Lisa Thiel

Solstice Greetings All!

The Summer Solstice early tomorrow signifies the day of longest light from sunrise to sunset; and the shortest night, in the northern hemisphere.    Nature is proliferating at its fullest to take advantage of the photons.   We also depend upon light for our health and healing.

Ancient cultures across the Earth have welcomed this new light at thousands of extant sacred sites such as: Stonehenge, Ireland, Egypt, Easter Island and the mysterious, prehistoric Serpent Mound, Ohio – possibly constructed by Native American gnosis – and used ceremonially by the Adena people from 800 BC.   

The serpent is a widespread symbol which represents the cycles of life: birth, death and eternal rebirth – the shedding of the old skin.

Wiki image

The Summer Solstice is the time when the Sun is at its highest which, spiritually, aligns with the elevation of our inner light, enlightenment and bio-photon expression; and releasing of worn out habits.

Still in ceremonies, there are symbolic purification fires which also maintain the warmth whilst waiting through the darkness of the night before the light comes; or we can light a candle to reflect and illuminate our inner flame at the time of the Solstice Sunrise.

Gentle fasting and release from the persistent chaos of visual and audio interference from computers, televisions and radios enables a clearer perspective and deeper knowing.

I’ve felt the excitement of this energy arriving for the past few days and I’m sure the Green Peregrine Falcons have, too.   I watched them early this morning from my windows, soaring and screeching.   All of Nature knows.

Whether you fly physically or astrally to greet the light,  may you fully phosphoresce throughout the year!

Summer Solstice Blessings

Girasole Dawn  X



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3 Responses to Summer Solstice Eve

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  2. Hi Dawn,

    This is a beautiful post; the song is stirring and haunting. I love the way you write, it talks to my soul. Thank you for your words:-)


    • Thank you and I’m so pleased it touches you also. It was one of the contemplative songs and chants I found myself singing as the vigilant energies of the Solstice Supermoon kept me euphoric throughout the weekend! The portents are for interesting and exhilarating times!


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