Oak Moon and Raw Cacao Caramel Crunch


Every oak tree started out as a nut who stood its ground!

Felicitious Greetings!    Whenever I see a white feather, I often think of Denise White Feather Linn from a workshop I attended about 30 years ago!    Sometimes the feathers just appear after meditating under a tree.

As we reach the end of the calendar year, we have a final 2012 opportunity today to see the Moon appear as full to us because it is opposite the Sun (about 10.20 GMT).      In Old English, this one  is an Oak Moon, the oak being a symbol of strength and fortitude.    To Druids, oaks were held sacred, as portals to other worlds.    To me also.

Robert Graves (Robert von Ranke Graves, 1895-1985)  in “The White Goddess” mythologically personifies the oak and holly as adversaries.    The “Oak King” rules in the Midsummer whilst the “Holly King” governs during the other half of the year when the Oak has lost its leaves.       The implications of battling and warring even for the Goddess Nature, when the seasons flow with graceful regularity and ease, seems to be more associated with the previous, patriarchal, pervading, programmed terms of the media: “the battle of the … ”  or  “the war on … ” is applied to major issues and trivia alike.    Very separatist, divisional and soooo last galactic cycle!      Instead: Peace, Harmony, Healing, Compassion and Co-operation for the Present and the New Future!

An oak spends 300 years growing, 300 years living and 300 years decaying.

All trees are of great beauty but they are also our lungs.   This particular oak is said to be nearly 1,000 years old!   Imagine the changes it’s witnessed over that time.   (It is also thought that there are more oaks in Richmond Park than there are in the whole of Europe, but I haven’t counted.)    I love this tree at any time of year with its mossy moistness after the rains and whose strength and bark remind me of elephant skin (though not as surprisingly soft and warm!).   Thousands of children are drawn to this tree and rush towards it to climb inside and out through the top!     But I can’t gaze upon it enough during the lush-green proliferation of Spring, (further below).     One tiny acorn holds all the information necessary in its DNA for potential replication, to form another just like it with its great, elephantine trunks!  


To yonder oak within the field
I spoke without restraint,
For oft I talk’d with him apart…
And told him of my choice,
Until he plagiarized a heart,
And answer’d with a voice.

Tho’ what he whisper’d under Heaven
None else could understand;
I found him garrulously given,
A babbler in the land.

But since I heard him make reply
Is many a weary hour;
‘Twere well to question him, and try
If yet he keeps the power.   From   The Talking Oak by Lord Alfred Tennyson, 1809-1892

Raw Cacao Caramel Crunch


Here is on of my ambrosial energy snacks for long Nature walks in Winter!   I ate some whilst sitting next to this great oak, gazing down over Pen Ponds.    Raw Cacao Caramel Crunch can be created/grown from the beginning as I prefer to do, or you can make it a quick, easy way  by purchasing some of the ingredients.     Also, you can use a low GI substitute for the caramel part; or leave it out altogether and just have a raw cacao biscuit which I also love!  

Biscuit Base  I sprouted some Raw Organic Buckwheat Groats (buckwheat isn’t wheat): soak for a couple of hours and then keep rinsing several times daily to remove the gloop they release.    When they have grown tails and are ready to eat (it takes a day or so depending upon the temperature), rinse one more time and place on a dehydrator sheet, but don’t over dry them.   (Easy way: use Buckwheaties – already done!)   Then whizz them up in a good blender to make instant biscuit crumbs in seconds.        

The next step is to melt some raw cacao butter in  a bain marie and stir it into the crumb.  (Add just enough to mix. Less is more here.)   Press mixture into a dish lined with unbleached parchment paper or into some individual cupcake papers and refrigerate to set.

Caramel Middle Blend some soaked dates with raw seed butter/raw nut butter and some Seggiano raw woodland tree honey (from bark not flowers).   (Easy way and low GI: use yacon syrup) Spread across the biscuit crumb and place back into the ‘fridge.

Raw Cacao Topping   Either make your own, as I do – because I like my evolved recipes best!     (Easy way:  buy some raw chocolate bars and melt over a bain marie.    You can also add some raw coconut oil to soften it which makes the raw choc easier for cutting.)      Pour over the caramel and one last time into the fridge for setting.     The raw chocolate tends to go down the sides which gives a nice coating on the sides and underneath, as in the photo above.    Mmm…mouthwateringly mellow!

SWANS OAKS 16 JUNE 2009 015

Having eaten some Buckwheat seeds, now is the time for planting the seeds of our new genesis!    “The beginning is always today,” as Mary Wollstonecraft wrote.    Great oaks from little acorns grow, as my Grandmother used to say!   Nothing is certain but change, so we might as well dream, devise and direct it as we wish it to be!   Great joy with designing yours with love.

Dawn, Can Oka


Live thy Life,
Young and old,
Like yon oak,
Bright in spring,
Living gold;

Gold again.

All his leaves
Fall’n at length,
Look, he stands,
Trunk and bough
Naked strength.          From  The Oak, ibidem

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