Raw soup and chia crisps on 12.12.12!

Numerological  Greetings on  12.12.12  just  10 days before the end of the Mayan calendars!


After singing with a tree friend today, I tried  to get the digital time-zone clock to 12 degrees to line up with the 12 hours 12 minutes and 12 seconds as well as the 12.12.12 date –  but I warmed it up too much inside my glove!     In any case, I hope the double digits presage a pleasing plethora of portents for you all!

After talking with my 91 year-old Hungarian artist friend, Helen, who feeds the jays twice daily in our local sacred land; and a brisk walk in the crunchy, frosty grass – crunchy Chia Crisps and Raw Mushroom Soup!


Some people say mushrooms shouldn’t be eaten raw but if they are wild (only if you know what to look for), or purchased from a non-mass produced source, I’ve found no difficulty.      Mine were organic brown cap mushrooms grown on wood.

Serves 2:  Marinate about 4 handsful of sliced mushrooms of your choice; 1-2 cloves of garlic; and a small chopped red onion overnight in olive oil, tamari, the juice of a lemon or lime, some Himalayan Salt.

Keep some mushrooms back for decoration and blend the rest of the marinated contents including marinade with a peeled courgette and 2 sticks celery.   I added 1 teasp raw thyme Seggiano honey to the blend and adjusted the seasoning with some miso.     Keep blending until a good temperature (not boiled to death) and drizzle with truffle oil if you have any (sliced truffles if you are lucky enough to have those! mmm!) good olive oil if you haven’t; and fresh thyme or tarragon.

 I served mine with slices of Raw Flax and Sesame Bread Slices, Raw Goats Cheese (grass fed and roaming goats otherwise the K2 is negligible), Raw Fermented Cabbage (for good gut probiotics) and Claytonia.

Raw Roll Italiano with living olives, black sesame seeds and chives.

Chia Crisps with another type of unpasteurised goats cheese lovingly made in Ireland; with Tatsoi and raw Beetroot and Horseradish sauce


I’ve made many kinds of raw crisps in the dehydrator, from thinly sliced vegetables; mushrooms; tomato/garlic/basil and there are many variations of chia crisps which are so useful to have as a very healthy EFA energy snack.    However, my favourite simple recipe is as follows:

About 5 times the amount of liquid to the quantity of chia seeds.     Place 1 measure (a cup if you like) of chia seeds in a large bowl.       Add 5 cups water to your blender with 1-2 cloves of garlic, plenty of fresh rosemary (still thriving in Winter) and some Himalayan Pink Salt.     Whizz up till smooth, pour over the chia seeds and stir in.     I leave mine overnight and give them a good stir in the morning as I spoon the mixture into individual crisps onto the dehydrator sheets.   It doesn’t matter if some of them blend together (a chia poppadom!).     They take about 6-10 hours depending upon how thick you make them.   Turn over when they become solid and allow them to crisp on both sides.      Keep in a covered dish – they probably last quite a while but mine are consumed in less than a week!


One of Helen’s beautiful jays with a beak full of monkey nuts from the arms of a statue.

With love and joy


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One Response to Raw soup and chia crisps on 12.12.12!

  1. Andrew says:

    Love the Jay – and the food of course!


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