Sylvan Solace

Hau, Mitakuye Oyasin!  Hello,  All my relations!

A month has flown by.  I’ve visited the stillness of the sunwashed Cleveland Hills – not, on this occasion, the wild, gusting-gale moors of Kathy and Healthcliff’s “Wuthering Heights” mercifully!    Elsewhere, the vistas of deep crimson,  rich copper, purple and scarlet foliage is gradually being replaced with floating, descending, paper-crisp sienna, pale gold and ochre leaves;  or rustling, near-naked branches.   

Samhain has passed, a Solar Eclipse in Scorpio influencing today; and a Lunar Eclipse at the Full Moon in Gemini awaits us on 28th November.     We are soon approaching the end of the Mayan calendar on 21.12.12 to prepare for a new, unwritten World Age era.   A number of Earth cycles appear to end on, or prior to, this date.     A cycle of 5,125 years that began with the Mesopotamian period in 3001 BC;   the  Precession of the Equinoxes has a cycle of about 25,125 years;   a Grand Precession (every 250 or so million years) and a Galactic Grand Cycle (every 20 billion years!) .       

Just as the Solar System is massively transforming itself – whether it is the a Black Hole or a vast inter-dimensional light power – or both, and more – the  individual, prognosticated Autumnal changes for October, have been tempestuous in my personal experience and very keenly felt within, by this particular little cog in the Galaxy!      However,  I know  – and saw –  that Angels have guided my actions.

Consequently, these experiences have inspired even longer than usual sojourns into seeking sylvan solace, uplifting singing – and raw cake making!     My tree rituals and communing with the Standing Ones attract the interest of squirrels and sometimes a Qi Gung Master (we communicate with eyes, nodding and other gesticulations!) who teaches in our local Sacred Grove, especially when I sing to the trees which just seems to flow forth naturally from me!     

I’m rehearsing Mozart’s Requiem and recently sang, “Casta Diva”, sung to the Full Moon by the eponymous Gallic High Druid Priestess, Norma, by Vincenzo Bellini which takes place about 50 BC in Gaul.    I once gave this opera to my Mother, as she and the High Druid Priestess share the same name.   It concerns the Gallic Druid High Priestess and her lost love, reunited at the end but only at a voluntary, sacrificial pyre.  

Amongst the hallowed trees, Oroviso, the High Druid Priest who is her Father, and the members of the Druid Temple are waiting for Norma to perform her magical rites.

Norma, wearing mystic Verbena around her head, cuts with her golden sickle the sacred plant, Mistletoe, offering it to the Full Moon at the apt time of its rising in the holy Druid Wood;  to summon the gods to cool the zealous hearts of the people against the invading Romans (with one of whom she’s Mothered two children and whom she loves dearly); and to ask primarily for the Earth to be enfolded by peace, the deep peace that flows through the Moon via the Heavens.           I always ask for this Earth peace especially when with trees.

As most rituals also involve some feasting, here are two divinely inspired raw cakes I made earlier!

The first above is Intense Cacao Cake with Rich Macadamia Vanilla Cream and Deep Chocolate Ganache!   No dehydrator is required and no half measures with this cake which is fully satisfying, nutrifying and energising!       It was created thus: 

CAKE: approximately a heaped breakfast bowl of Almond Pulp (defrosted from all those Reishiccinos I’ve been drinking!); 1 cup of freshly ground Flaxseeds; ground Coconut Palm Sugar and ground Xylitol; Cinnamon, a little liquid Stevia and lots of Cacao Powder.      (I also used Irish Moss, but that is optional)    Mix all of these together and stir in some Almond Milk to blend.    (If you want to make it a bit more springy or it is too moist, you can add some Psyllium Husks, but not too much as they can be drying – but helpful for gastrointesinal transit).  I pressed my mixture in two identical cake tins lined with unbleached parchment for ease of lifting out and so they don’t stick.    Place in the fridge to set.

MACADAMIA VANILLA CREAM: soak some Macadamia Nuts overnight;  drain, discard water and add a small amount of ground or liquid  Xylitol (to keep a white and creamy appearance) or liquid Stevia and 1 Vanilla Pod (optional); and blend in a Vitamix or similar power blender with water or almond milk or coconut water depending on your preference, to a creamy, spreadable consistency on top of one of the cake halves, placing the other on the top, still in one of the cake tins (so at least one cake tin needs to be a deep one and a push up base helps to remove the cake later).

CHOCOLATE GANACHE:  melt some raw Coconut Oil (I melted mine one cold evening on a double radiator in a large cup or in the dehydrator if it’s on for something else); stir in Cacao Powder and liquid sweetener such as Raw runny Honey.     Spread thickly on the top of the cake still in the deep cake tin.     Refrigerate again until set.     When ready to serve, use a hot, sharp knife to slice and share with beautiful friends.     I also had a slice for breakfast after my green juice!

The second cake above is  Orange Chocolate cake with Goji Cream, dusted with Lucuma.      The ingredients were similar to above but substitute 3-4 oranges and water (instead of the Almond Milk) for the liquid part.      The Goji Cream (in the middle and on the top) is made with soaked Goji Berries including their soak water and soaked Cashew Nuts (1 hour is enough to soak these softer nuts).    Blend till creamy and decorate with some of the soaked Goji Berries.

Having a good friend and the dazzling, beaming light of her new baby to share a raw lunch with me is always the greatest joy!     Raw pizza, soup and chia crisps next time!

Healing, Transformational Bliss to you all

Dawn, Can Oka (chahn oh kah)     

Tree Singer, in Lakota Sioux

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2 Responses to Sylvan Solace

  1. Andrew says:

    I love the idea of singing to/with the trees. About as close as you can get to communing with nature.


  2. Oxygen, sound, vibration – and all that Autumnal colour! Mon Coeur S’Ouvre a ta Voix was this morning’s aria.


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