Once in a Blue Moon

Greetings Good Friends, on this Rare Full Blue Moon in Pisces – we won’t see another until 2015!  

Raw Double Chocolate Chip Cakes with Redcurrents, Black Cherries, Gooseberries and Chocolate Mint.

 Tempus fugit and moreso this year, it seems, than ever before.   Autumn and its “mellow fruitfulness”  is edging its way in to conclude the Summer season and already I feel a need for some warmer foods later in the day such as the above raw cacao cakes eaten warm from the dehydrator.   I’ll never give up my lovely green juices or chia concoctions but probably only a few more weeks of Summer salads below:    grated beetroot with white sesame seeds and carrot leaves, sliced yellow baby courgette, avocado, purslane, Irish dulse (Dillisk), baby carrots and kale leaves, grated cucumber and black sesame seeds and celery leaves.


As the Earth is mostly water, like our bodies and the food our heavenly forms require, the Moon is such a powerful influence upon us, the tides, insects and animals, so the fluidity of our emotions can also be heightened at this time.    The last few full moons have been extremely intense.

Full moons are also completions of cycles and, for Pisceans, this Full Moon in Pisces (at 2.58 pm today)  is said to herald a time of major change (as a Piscean, I can’t wait!)      For all astrological signs, as Pisces is the watery sign of love and the spirit, it can be a time of opportunities to heal old, deep, emotional wounds, a chance to let go of old fears and anxieties and a chance to recharge our lives in a new direction or way of living that was previously undreamed of.       Why not?      Life’s too brief a passage before “we have shuffled off this mortal coil”, not to try as many stimulations as possible.

My Great Uncle Harold, who saw more Blue Moons than the majority, made the most of life and died age 103, his wife died less than a year later at 97.     His nephew, my Uncle, spotted him up on some scaffolding one day when he was 84 and asked what on earth he was doing up there.     “Shhh”, he said, “don’t call me Uncle, they’ll know how old I am!”    He’d got himself a job as a builder and had lied about his age so he could remain active!      He was an escaped Japanese prisoner of war having waded, waist high, through miles of swamps and lived on what he could catch. He never took any medication and enjoyed a drink most evenings.       I spoke to him by phone on his 100th birthday and he sounded about 60.

The National Center for Health Statistics agrees with my Great Uncle that avoiding drugs and therefore iatrogenic diseases is advisable if you want longevity.    Dr Mercola’s site has collated masses of evidence and exposures of this over the years.

Rosario Schielzeth, 104, also attributes her long life to a good diet and avoiding doctors.   Jeanne Calment, also a Piscean, was born in Arles in 1875 and died when she was 122.     Her family members lived close to 100 as well.           It is said she met Van Gogh in her uncles’ shop in 1888 and as: “Dirty, badly dressed and disagreeable”.       I would be, too, if none of my bold and wonderful paintings sold until long after my death and then for millions.    But then, this world was never meant for one as beautiful as him.

There is an eponymous film,  “Jeanne Calment” who smoked a little, drank some port wine and attributed her health to olive oil  and almost a kilo of chocolate each week.   By that token I shall live until I’m a thousand years old.   On the other hand, she had an exceptionally comfortable, stress-free life of leisure and financial ease in the sun (light, Vitamin D) in the South of France at a time when there were ample plant minerals in all the foods – which would certainly have contributed to her durability!

Romance produces the appropriate biological chemicals  (oxytocin, serotonin, dopamine) for youth and vibrant living, too, so I’ll leave you with my creation of a moist coconut dessert for two with cacao sail and raspberries – in the raw, of course!

Blissful Beautiful Blue Moon Blessings and a Long Fullfilling Life to you


VanGogh-Cafe Terrace at Night

VanGogh-Cafe Terrace at Night (Photo credit: DarFin Oil Painting)

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