Greetings All on this Mayan New Year 2012!   Year of the Blue Resonant Storm.     I will leave Eden Sky, Red Self-Existing Skywalker http://www.13moon.com    to explain in her words:

The Rainbow Bridge 
Around Earth is a key symbol for December 21, 2012 
which will be the end of the 
5,125-year Mayan Calendar 
World Age Cycle. 

Focusing on this symbol antidotes the fear and confusion in our collective consciousness that has been generated by the false rumors of the end of the world. 

This symbol represents a vision of a positive future: 
love for our living Earth, care for future generations, 
and our determination to co-create healing for humanity, 
elevating ourselves into new frontiers of our human potential.

Transcending all boundaries 
of nation, culture, race, religion, and belief systems, 
this image symbolizes unity, unlimited possibilities, 
triumphant positivity, bright futures, and the miracle of life.

Already, people in more than 90 countries have joined this call,
and are circulating the Rainbow Bridge Around Earth 
as a signal that we are ready for the dawning of a new era 
of peace, harmony, and life-affirming culture. 

Please display the Rainbow Bridge Around Earth in every way imaginable to show your desire to cooperate together for Earth’s positive future. Join us as we bring this image to life and into our global culture by sharing it on the internet, bringing it into our homes and our communities, and most importantly, by holding this vision in our hearts and minds.

By envisioning Earth encircled by a rainbow, 
we are invoking the protection of our world,
acknowledging we wish to join forces around the globe
to co-create a New Time based on conscious interconnectedness.

This is the time we must unify.
In a world saturated in war, fear, suffering, pain, 
imbalances, crises, and injustices of all kinds, 
a positive future for our planet requires that we collectively affirm the reality 
that we are all interdependent as One Family of Life, dwelling upon One Earth.
No differences between us are too large to obstruct our desires to work together 
for our shared future, and that of our children’s children’s children…

Please share this call to unite far and wide!   

If you’d like to decode your birth date or any other date, click here


Cosmic Love to All Sentient Beings from Dawn, White Rhythmic Wind

I organise in order to Communicate
Balancing Breath
I seal the Input of Spirit
With the Rhythmic tone of Equality
I am guided by my own power doubled

  One of my favourite barefoot walking pathways.   

Keep Earth green!    La Belle Verte!

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