New Era of Consciousness Gestates

Greetings on the Solar Annular Eclipse!

Is humanity in the throes of significant evolutionary mass enlightenment?    It certainly felt like a metamorphosis for me upon waking today!   What are the implications of today’s rare Solar Annular Eclipse and the cosmic events of the coming weeks?   It certainly seems to  herald in an extremely powerful era of potent possibilities and transformation.  

20/21 May The Solar Annular Eclipse
21 May New Moon, the very next day, signifies new beginnings
4 June Full Moon Partial Eclipse in Saggitarius
6 June Rare Transit of Venus – Love, Abundance!
21 June Summer Solstice

Sunday 20 May 2012 a rare Solar Annular Eclipse in Taurus/Gemini occurs, in a time augured by seers of the past.    It is also said that today is the beginning, the conception or “seeding” of the New Era; in preparation for the old chapter ending on 21st December 2012 in the Maya calendars. 

Today’s partial eclipse (where it is visible) forms a “ring of fire” or halo of light and there is an alignment of the Earth, Moon, Sun and Alcyone (of the Pleiadies, the mythological “Seven Sisters”: Asterope, Celaeno, Maya, Merope, Electra and Taygeta – daughters of Pleione and Atlas).      We are also therefore aligned with these powerful cosmic energies and poised for massive potential transformation.  

On Wednesday 6 June a rare Transit of Venus takes place (Venus years being shorter than Earth years).  Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus depicts the Roman goddess of Love and Beauty birthed as a fully formed woman, emerging from a shell near the sea.   As the patriarchal systems of aggressive competition are long-since defunct, the new matriarchal age of compassionate co-operation is birthed.

Water, Cosmic Frequency and the Seeds of Rebirth     

Civilisations thoughout the ages have had various associations and cultural relationships with the Pleiades.   Some of the many symbolic influences with the Pleiades are power and alchemy; and also water, floods, tears – which is interesting in this Neptunian time (Roman god of the sea); and the amount of persistent rain we’ve experienced in London and in other parts of the world recently.  (It could be a good time to assert your female power on a boat trip along the Thames with the masses gathered to watch …..) 

Though there may be doom about floods and earthquakes because of the Pleiadian association with deluge, torrential rain was also beneficial to crop seeds during drought throughout the ages.    The Maya viewed the Pleiades as the seeds which were the origin of the human species.   

Water has memory and, energetic messages are imprinted in water in the trillions of cells of our very watery bodies where information resides. 

Discussed elsewhere on this site, water is sacred and responds to emotions, information and vibration.  (It travels in an undulating motion like a serpent in babbling brooks, wild oceans, open lakes but not straight lines in restrictive pipes.)     Earth comprises about 70%+ water.   If we included plants, trees, that percentage would be far higher.    Our bodies are also largely water.   So, the water content within and without is being influenced by the tidal wave of cosmic energies flowing through us.   Information is rippling through Earth and our cells, raising the vibrational frequency of the energy systems that we are.  Thus, providing us with the seeds of long-awaited regeneration!

                                           And, when the stream
          Which overflowed the soul was passed away,
          A consciousness remained that it had left,
          Deposited upon the silent shore
          Of memory, images and precious thoughts,
          That shall not die, and cannot be destroyed.   

The Excursion, William Wordsworth, 1814

Ian Xel Lungold’s extensive and extremely well-explained work with the Maya calendars (still on YouTube) detailed such evolutionary jumps in our DNA for this time.   It is also said the time signifies the return of Quetalcoatl, jaguar serpent, Aztec deity, messiah of Love and Peace (at long last).     In the Mayan Tzolkin calendar, the name of today is Chikchan which translates as “sky serpent”.

Edgar Cayce spoke (under deep trance) of this time as, did Michel Nostradamus (b 1503) in his quatrains “Sun twentieth of Taurus the earth will tremble very mightily” – but then timelines can change,  influenced by mass consciousness because nothing is separate.      

Man, man, your time is sand
Your ways are leaves upon the sea
I am the eyes of Nostradamus
All your ways are known to me

Al Stewart, Nostradamus, 1973 (great song!)

Our interdependence and communication with the wisdom of Nature is increasingly precious.     

With Love, Peace and Beauty,  Dawn

Water Lilies, London Wetlands


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  1. Like your writing. Love the energy of your blog. Looks like we started about the same time. I am going to put this as a ‘related article’ on my blog in the hopes more people will come visit your wonderful space.


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