Eostre Greetings!

The Full Moon (or Egg Moon, Waking Moon etc) in Libra yesterday heralds the Easter celebrations this year.     It  is synonymous with Spring here in the Northern Hemisphere and the pagan Anglo-Saxon goddess Eostre (Ostara) depicted with eggs and bunnies are obvious symbols of fertility renewed life (and new antlers!), a time of great growth and potential.        Even hot cross buns are said to date back further than ancient Greek times!    Probably the cross refers to the cross of the zodiac with the sun at the centre as it passes through the 12 constellations.  This image of the cross is very old and goes back 10,000 BC established by civilisations who personified and mythologised these astrological sun signs.   

This afternoon, I watched the 158th Oxford & Cambridge Boat Race at the river.  The  tradition that began in 1829, is now televised across the world.   It’s always fun to talk to visitors to London about the history of the race when they ask or about the early 19th century buildings and bridges.  (Facing towards the Harrods Depository means we have our backs to the uninspiring, soul-less Perspex/Concrete Lego “luxury” homes  being constructed where trees should be planted instead).    

I was moved to tears this year as  people cheered en masse to all the rowers and their Armada-like entourage as they passed, regardless of which team, if any, they supported.   Just enjoying the unity and connection of the event.  Very warm and wonderful!

It was set to be a very exciting and close race but it wasn’t until later we learned the race was disrupted for half and hour, destroyed for millions of spectators and, more importantly, for all the rowers who had worked so intensely daily,  mentally and physically for half a year,  sometimes in temperatures reaching as low as -14 degrees on the river, because of one grinning cretin swimming.     Then Oxford broke an oar within half a minute after the restart and the umpire let the “race” carry on.       Wrong, in my opinion; it wouldn’t happen in other sports.   Out of mutual respect for each other’s team and the honour of the sport, there was no prize giving or big celebration for Cambridge, as a result of the incidents.

Last Sunday a dear friend and I went to Baron’s Court Theatre to see an interpretation of an Oscar Wilde story, Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime.     We were once both directors and co-founders of the Oscar Wilde Literary Trust and hadn’t seen each other since donating the remaining funds to the British Library.       So I made some pre-play raw canapes, “caramel” cacao and the dessert below.     Mmmmm…..

Delicious Raw Canapes!

more mmmm….!

Raw Kiwi Cream and Cacao Curls

   Whatever you’re doing this weekend, may your Divine Force radiate and your days be filled with bliss 

With love, Dawn  

V&A Museum, Anglo-Saxon reliquary cross

V&A Museum, Anglo-Saxon reliquary cross (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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