Blue Green Tellurian!

Blissfully blue skies and greener than green proliferation!

I just can’t stop looking at these azure skies, can you?  I’ve even photographed the sky with nothing else in it!  Not a chemtrail in sight for days.   I smile so widely, brimming with joy and feel supremely glad and grateful to be alive as this extraordinary Tellurian!    This brief passage on Earth as a human being allows us to enjoy all the fruits it bears. 

Today, I enjoyed mostly just being, and less a human doing.    For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been including cleavers (goosegrass, sticky buds) in my juices and today, having walked barefoot in the re-opened walled garden at Bishops Palace with its 100 year-old wisteria and re-built vinery, I walked and grazed along the river picking the tops off these plants and eating them whilst gazing at the sun sparkling on the river waves.      

Here they are with the sweet red tips, in between the nettles and white bluebells, the things we thought were a wizard wheeze to stick on people’s backs as children!

Traditonally, medicinally, this plant has been used to stimulate movement in, and to cleanse the lymphatic system.     A sluggish lymph initially is indicated with mucous related illnesses such as colds, flu etc and stagnant lymph contributes to the major, labelled illnesses.   (Skin brushing and rebounding are two activities that aid flow along with a life-giving eating and thinking lifestyle).

This is where I picked the sweet buds on the tow path along the River Thames near the Harrods Depository or what is now called, Harrods Village.    I read once that there is a tunnel from there all the way to Harrods store in Knightsbridge where little trucks used to take the products required quickly.   Incidentally, Harrods has its own spring water supply and its own electricity generator.

 Here’s some information on cleavers from experienced forager and medicinal plantsman Christopher Hope BSc Med Hort who I’m very much looking forward to meeting next month.


Also, wonderful for mopping up bacteria and toxins are mushrooms.      They are highly absorbant and can be soaked in your favourite dressing (avoid too much oil) and dehydrated or gently warmed in coconut oil.      

At the farmers markets there are many mushrooms available to buy and to grow (I used to grow them in a sack in dark room in the late 1970s).

One of my local markets has dried Reishi mushrooms to simmer and make tea.   The grower tells me it was a poor summer for Reishi last year, let’s hope 2012 continues as it has begun this Spring.     Below is part of the dried root which I use in teas.   It has a very pleasant flavour (as does the Reishi dried powder I use in raw cacao and other recipes) and, as with many Chinese herbs, the root is re-used and re-simmered to obtain the beneficial qualities from the root.

I understand from tree experts in Richmond Park, that this is why trees have mushrooms growing from them i.e. that it helps absorb bacteria and therefore protects them.

Azure blessings to you, here is one of my favourite tree flowers, Magnolia –  pink, white or fuscia pink against this enriching shade of blue.    Paradise.   xx

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3 Responses to Blue Green Tellurian!

  1. Kris Kennedy says:

    Dawn…I had to smile when I got your blog…because you noted my using the cordate, and I “liked” your blog and now your blog came through and you used the word tellurian…and I wrote that word into a haiga today and removed it because I thought noone would understand…and then you used the word today…very cool…same wave length…good to read your blog


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