Taraxacum officinale are delicious and growing everywhere at this time in Spring.  Being wild, they are packed full of nutrients.   As a child, I used to eat dent-de-lion and other flowers, buds and leaves from the fields, out of curiosity!    It all seemed very natural and perhaps I was just lucky I wasn’t poisoned or maybe I was guided by plant spirits.    

I picked the ones below from the banks of the Thames  and I wanted to take the whole plant and repatriate into my window box with the other edibles; but the dent-de-lion said no, it liked the safe place overlooking the river, but that I was welcome to the leaves and flowers, so that’s all I took.

Here’s a sunny salad I made last week of: dandelion flowers, dandelion leaves, tatsoi, sprouted mung beans, pea shoots, radish leaves and raw fermented vegetables (red) – with a simple dressing.

What an amazing penultimate week of March!   The new birth and renewal of the Vernal Equinox on 20th; the New Moon in Aries on 22nd, enabling the kindling of original ideas and innovations; today, Sunday 25th BST begins – which has also been a great day for biodynamic planting (26, 30 and 31 are also said to be excellent days) – I’ve started some coriander and red clover today.  

It was also Hindu New Year on 23rd, which heralds the beginning of the Golden Age and commemorates the day of the creation of the universe;   and Nowruz  (“new day” in Persian) is also celebrated on the Spring Equinox as the beginning of the Iranian New Year; as well as this time being a spiritual day for Sufis and many others.

As I don’t have a television or see what they laughingly call “news”, I’d forgotten the “time” also goes forward an hour and, as I read a book under the trees, barefoot in malasana, in Bishops Palace gardens, the church bells (where The Omen was filmed with Patrick Troughton and Gregory Peck) chimed 3 times when other public clocks said 4 pm -and the sun seemed too high in the sky to be 4 pm….   

Nevertheless, these are extremely energising times to become more aligned with and attuned to the beautiful energies of Earth, the Cosmos and La Belle Verte (film link below) – the beautiful green –  in as many ways as possible!


Today’s first  juice was made from claytonia, purple sprouting  broccoli, flat leaf parsley, 1 pear, 1 small apple and 1 lemon with peel kept on.    Truly scrumptious!

 If you’ve never seen La Belle Verte, 1996, I hope you enjoy it.  It’s one of my favourite films.   This is part 1/9.

I’ve always felt a lot like the character Mila!   “What’s all this grey stuff?”    Marion Cotillard (who gave a genius performance in La Vie En Rose as Edith Piaf)  also appears.

 With deep joy to you all. xxx



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