Vernal Equinox

A very vibrant Vernal Equinox to you at 05.14 this morning!

(from the northern hemisphere)  Everything is blooming, proliferating and propagating wildly and my goji berries have appeared!


FIVE years have past; five summers, with the length
      Of five long winters! and again I hear
      These waters, rolling from their mountain-springs…


I haven’t lived near Tintern Abbey since I was a teenager nor  seen any mountain spring waters since my break in the Cleveland Hills now I’m back in London.   However, it has been exactly “five long winters” since I woke up on this day and, at the same moment I opened my eyes, a massive surge of energy and light rushed up my body rocking me from my feet to the top of my head!    It was a PHENOMENAL feeling and I said out loud: “What was THAT? …   Ah, it’s the Vernal Equinox today!”     I’ve hoped each year since to experience that same visual and sensory power rush again, at the precise time of the Spring of new beginnings.  

This is one of the best cosmic influences of the year for an inner Spring Clean, too!   We can rejuvenate and ride the energy wave, liberating cells of as much toxicity as it is individually safe to unleash upon our liver, that has to process it.   I used to do one day water fasts and 2-week fruit fasts from time to time years ago but these no longer suit me.   Green juices and smoothies have been part of my daily way of life for so long now because I enjoy them so much and because we need nutrients in order to detoxify.  These Equinox beginnings are an extension of that and, as always, I begin my day rehydrating with warm water and 75 plant-derived minerals.   

I’ve been making these easy raw soups for several decades (with a myriad variations) and here’s a recipe for one I concocted over the weekend.   Use whatever you have growing, sprouting or can obtain from your local farmer’s market.    As I’m keeping it light, I didn’t make raw bread rolls.

Dawn’s Easy Rocket Soup with Fresh Dulse, Radish Leaves and Pea Shoots


 Half a lemon including peel (if organic and unwaxed)
1″ fresh ginger, peeled
1 or 2 garlic cloves
Half an avocado (or whole if it’s small or you want it creamy)
1 or 2 sticks celery (adds flavour)
Half a courgette
A handful of sprouted mung beans
A massive bunch of rocket/parsley/watercress or landcress or other leaves
Himalayan Pink Salt
Dash of good quality Balsamico di Modena

As it was cold after my walk, I added a little Organic Malay Masala (you could use chilli and/or turmeric) in the blender to heat up.

Put everything into your blender with a very small amount of water  (if you want more fats and flavour, add the best organic, cold pressed, single estate olive oil in a dark bottle you can obtain) just enough to pulp up the ingredients with the plunger (if you have a Vitamix).   Adjust seasoning according to taste.

Mine is decorated with fresh Dulse (rinsed), a drizzle of superb Seggiano oil, some Radish and Pea Shoots and Raw Gomasio.  (I used to make this in my Macrobiotic days in the late 1970s, but now I just crush Sesame Seeds with a very small amount of Pink Himalayan Salt in a pestle and mortar rather than heating them).  Or just use Sesame or other seeds.

 Herbal Teas 

Nature’s buzzing with activity and March breezes are blowing the blossom petals like snow flakes.   There’s a chill in the crisp air so herbal teas, however you like them, are always warming.   I always blend my own from window box flowers I’ve dried and other herbs I don’t have the space to grow.   I prefer to use hot water not boiling.   This one is Passion Flower, Chianca Pedra, a couple of Cloves with Chocolate Mint and Moroccan Mint in the window boxes behind. (Sorrel to the left)

Pour into a giant Alice in Wonderland cup and soothe!   “A very merry unbirthday to you!”  (Unless it’s your birthday, then enjoy the raw cake!)

I wish you aliveness, jubilant joy and may all your highest dreams manifest now the real exuberant energy of 2012 is under way!


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