Rún, University of London

Happy Imbolc – already!   2012 is passing quickly in this rapidly changing, illusory “time” world!   I celebrated this Celtic festival by seeing the band Rún at my old University of London this week, who sang songs in six Celtic dialects with a harp which was absolutely magical:  in Irish, Welsh, Cornish, Scottish, Manx and Breton.    Celts travelled far into Europe, as did some of my ancestors to Italy – and then one woman returned a century ago.

Imbolc, occurring on 1st or 2nd February, has many cultural origins including with Ireland and ancient Egypt and the bucolic term refers to lactating ewes and new born lambs in Spring.  It used to be in mid February, half way between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox in the Julian calendar  (please see my post on Time). Lupercalia, a pastoral festival related to shepherds in ancient Rome, became St Valentine’s Day associated with love because Spring is when EVERYTHING blossoms, proliferates and grows again!

 Neptune in Pisces

February, is always good for me as it’s my birthday month!   Our birthdays are healing days for cleansing naturopathically, too.   2012 is good news for Pisceans as Neptune is in Pisces for the first time today (apart from a brief visit last year)  since February 1862 (began February 1848) and will be in Pisces until 2026.  Neptune, governs the higher aspects of love, cosmic love, universal love and it takes 165 years to go round the sun.    Pisces is Neptune’s native sign and it’s as though it’s returning home.  This could mean even greater psychic ability, seeing through to deeper truths which, of itself, can lead to all kinds of personal enhancements at this time.   This should be an exceptionally beneficially progressive year for us Mermaids and Mermen and for creative culture – and a massive shift in real knowledge this year.   

A Mermaid, by John Waterhouse

 The Waters of the Streams
That carry you to sea,
Take you to where Neptune rules,
Where fish swim free.
A captive Spirit you’ll never be
But wrapped forever in dreams. Anon
I wish you deep joy.
With Dawn Light Blessings
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