Raw Cinnamon Buns

I wanna live
with a cinnamon bun
I could be happy
the rest of my life
With a cinnamon bun.

A dreamer of pictures
I run in the night
You see us together,
chasing the moonlight,
My cinnamon bun.         with apologies to Neil Young!




They may look like rough, tough rolls in the photograph but they were soft and light!    Moist enough to eat warm on their own on a frosty Winter day; and I spread mine thinly with coconut oil.    Raw honey is also good (see note re sugars).

dry ingredients
flaxseeds ground
almonds (from sprouted almond milk)
Walnuts (soaked for about
Cinnamon –
*Mixed Spice – a pinch according to taste as with the cinnamon (I like a lot of Cinnamon)
Xylitol (from the birch tree)
Raisins and cherries /chopped dates  (make sure the dried fruit does not contain oil or preservative)
psyllium husks
moist ingredients
grated rind of two lemons (and some of the juice)
Flesh of 2-3 oranges depending upon size (use some grated orange according to taste)
Grated Carrot
Some of the almond milk

1.  Wash a big handful/1 cup of almonds and soak in water for about 6 hours or overnight.

2. Wash (in the purest water you have) and soak the dried fruit either in water or coconut water, freshly squeezed fruit juice.

3. Wash and soak the walnuts in water.  2-3 hours  or overnight (see below)

4.  Making sprouted almond milk (until they swell, not with shoots)  is simple and it can be used for many desserts, lucuma custard or just as it is.    Discard the water, add three times the amount of water for almonds (depending on how creamy you like it) and blend.   Sieve through a sprouting bag (available on Amazon)

5.   Put dry ground flaxseeds, soaked fruits, lemon peel, grated carrot, cinnamon and spice into a bowl.

6.  Discard water and grind/blend the walnuts to the size you’d like, add to bowl.

7. Blend oranges, lemon flesh, Xylitol, almond milk, then stir into the other ingredients into the bowl.

8.  Check for taste/consistency (too dry or too wet) and add sufficient psyllium husks until it is manageable and not a sticky substance.

9.  Roll with your hands into the shapes you’d like and place on a dehydrator (directly on the trays for better circulation) for about 16 hours.

NB   Soaking nuts means your body doesn’t have to use its own fluid to rehydrate a dry food (once picked everything begins to dry out) so they are more digestible; and washing takes away much of the tannis and enzyme inhibitors from the nut skin, improving flavour making it a creamy substitute for butter.    Walnuts and Brazils take a short time to rehydrate; almonds take longer and can be soaked overnight in the refrigerator, then everything is ready for the morning if you wish.

*  Mixed Spice, traditionally used in Christmas cakes, has a different name in the US but generally it includes nutmeg, allspice, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, coriander, ginger – any of which may be added separately, of course.

Very Important re “sugars” and carbs    As emphasised elsewhere on this blog, we are all uniquely different in what we can tolerate in terms of “sugars” in which dried fruits are high.   Keep to  a glyceaemic that is appropriate for your blood sugar levels.   Adding soaked chia seeds can help to balance this.

Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator.   Line the container with parchment especially if the container is plastic or tin (not directly on aluminium foil).    Mine are always consumed within a couple of days and they should last for 3-4 days but not longer as it is living food and not thin/crisp like flax crackers.

Beautiful for breakfast!   Having written this, I feel the need to make some more! Cue Neil and Crazy Horse!

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