Raw Seedy Loaves

The skies have been a very welcome azure blue and my breath visible in crisp air!   I heard my first woodpecker in Holland Park this morning as I walked to the farmers market.  Lilac croci have been carpeting the ground for a couple of weeks, before the grass becomes lush again.   

During these colder days, I like to have something warm, raw and substantial right out of the dehydrator (I still have my green smoothies) so here is a savoury raw bread recipe you might like to try.     I just use what is available in my fridge and cupboards and make it up as I go along, so they are always different.   Be free to experiment.   

As mentioned elsewhere on this blog, those who don’t have a dehydrator at their disposal can use ordinary ovens on low with the door open; and a thermometer would help, too, so there are no limits.      

These delicious, soft and springy raw loaves are absolutely delicious and can be sliced to make sandwiches or eaten alone.   Garlic is good for all things cardiovascular and colds to name but two health benefits; the seeds high in Omega 3 (essential for easing inflammation), B vitamins and packed with enzymes.         They taste too good to last long!


Raw seedy garlic loaves!

dry ingredients (estimates depending on the size of your cups!):
  ½ cup flaxseeds (ground)
½ cup pumpkin, sesame seeds (soaked  for about 3 hours and lightly blended)
 ½ cup pecan and Brazil nuts (soaked for about 3 hours and blended)
½ cup psyllium husks (or more as required)
the moist ingredients:
celery ( a couple of sticks)
flesh of a small butternut squash/or grated carrot
flesh of half a lemon
garlic (blended, chopped or grated, depending on preference)
rosemary (snipped into small pieces, added last)
a little water to blend if necessary
pink Himalayan salt and/or wheat free Tamari


1. Dry grind the flax first then, discarding the soak water, lightly grind the soaked seeds and nuts.   Add all these together in a bowl.

2. Put lemon, chopped celery, garlic if blending (I like mine chopped small and I use a whole bulb because I love strong flavours!), salt and/or tamari with a little water enough to blend.

3.  Stir in the moist mixture from the blender into the other ingredients already in the bowl and add chopped herbs.      

4. At this stage, taste to see if the seasoning suits your personal preference and add more herbs etc.    The mixture should be malleable and not sticky (like glutinous bread dough) so add a little more dry ground seeds or nuts or psyllium, if necessary.   

5. Mould into interesting shapes and put in the dehydrator.    Raw foods are usually prepared between 105F/41C and  115F/46C   but, because these are deeper than biscuits or crackers, I put them on 115F/46C and straight on the trays (without the Teflex layers).    I put them in about 4 pm and they were ready by 8 am the next day  (16 hours).   I left some in longer so they would be nice and warm for lunch!    

NB  Variations are infinite:  add Spring onions chopped or red onion with caraway seeds etc depending upon the flavours you prefer. 

 Flaxseeds make the mixture mucillaginous, magnificent for the gastrointestinal tract (a glorious antithesis of gluey gluten!) and bind the ingredients.      Psyllium does as well and is good for making raw “sponge” cakes (recipe coming in Feb) because it gives a springy texture – but be cautious because the husks are concentrated fibre and will have a cleansing effect (which is good!) but depending upon your individual digestive requirements.     In any case, always drink plenty of water throughout the day – approximately 4 pints – not all in one go.  

 You don’t need huge amounts of raw bread anyway, it is nutritionally replete and is not addictive as gluten is, (which is why people consume whole loaves of bread – also because it is not nutritionally satisfying to the body).    The fresh pumpkin seeds from the butternut squash went into my green smoothie the next day.  Nothing wasted!

 I used rosemary simply because it’s still growing welll at this time of year in my window boxes.   One piece of rogue garlic avoided the blender on this occasion as you can just see in the photo!   I have made garlic/rosemary pink Himalayan salt foccaccia type bread (with only white ingredients) using whole or sliced in half garlic cloves pushed inside the “dough.”  

Experiment, enjoy and healthy blessings!   Next time, sweet raw cinnamon spice buns!

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