Kung Hei Fat Choi !

… translates as: “May you become prosperous” and is said at Chinese New Year. May YOU be abundant in all good things especially health, for feeling vibrant is the basis of all else! 

“Sun nien fai lok” which I believe means Happy New Year in Cantonese (in which my Uncle was fluent).    2012 is the the 4,710th Chinese year.  

This Spring Festival, the beginning of the Lunar New Year today,  is  probably the most important celebration in any culture because of the new life force and powerful growth potential at this time; and the new beginnings after the dormant, hibernating period of Winter.    We can all celebrate this time!

Thus begins the Year of the Black Water Dragon which is a symbol of good fortune and health.   It is said to be very different from the Fire Dragon in 1917 (1914-18 war), 1976 (I recall a Summer drought whilst living in Wales, the green fields turned yellow, millions of red ladybirds everywhere and being a lone, barefoot dancer in torrential rain when it finally came!); and 2036 (perhaps our full telepathic and gnostic skills will return before then and we’ll know beforehand).

This Year of the Water Dragon, 2012, is said to be more harmonious and associated with a higher level of consciousness, intelligence and balance.    Though there are less positive possibilities in terms of continued Earth changes, my intuitition and senses feel very optimistic indeed, and there is a profoundly different energy.    

What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the Master calls a butterfly Lao Tzu

To me, the Year of the Water Dragon also aligns perfectly with the now mystic Mayan year of 2012 which, for some evolved souls, could be a major, dimensional, evolutionary jump of which Ian Xel Lungold spoke  ( these happen over time not overnight) and which involve changes to our DNA.           The subsequent, Year of the Snake, symbolises wisdom, in 2013.     If so, that should bring a very long overdue and an extremely welcome (to me anyway) restructuring of society, corporations etc from the hierarchical to the holarchical, from competitive to co-operative, from aggressive to harmonious, from controlling to encouraging; from ego/status to being fearless and authentic, from individual gain to greater good – at least the beginning of this evolving.

Let me be furnished in myself with health, safety, strength, the perfection of physical existence; let my mind be furnished with highest thoughts of soul-life.    Let me be in myself myself fully.     The pageantry of power, the still more foolish pageantry of wealth, the senseless precedence of place; I fail words to express my utter contempt for such pleasure or such ambitions.  
from The Story of My Heart by R Jefferies

As a Wood Goat/Sheep (no wonder I love trees so much!), I have felt the energy of being

Grounding myself whilst gazing up at the sky

in flow, that everything I do and say is happening naturally and effortlessly.  There is a strong sense of  catalyst energies for great beneficial changes in my life, after a frustrating period of longing for the external change to catch up with the inner metamorphosis and transition I’ve experienced! 

Today is also the New (waxing) Moon (in Aquarius): new Moons being a cycle of new beginnings and cell cleansing potential from a naturopathic nutritional point of view. 

I wish for you all such great health,  joy and upliftment throughout this glorious Earth transitional era.      Time will tell what our collective efforts produce this year and it will be so exciting to see what transpires and look back upon the year.    

Soon, the great energy surge of Spring!    With Dawn Light Blessings

Magnolia preparing for full blossom

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One Response to Kung Hei Fat Choi !

  1. Andrew says:

    Nice post. Kung Hei Fat Choi from Hong Kong.


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