Green Smoothies/Juices


 I very  happily live on green leaf smoothies/juices each day (with the occasional nibble of nuts, lipids, picking fresh leaves from my small plants, nori rolls, raw muffins, tarts and breads  – and my own raw cacao!).   I’ve been consuming about 32 ounces of green smoothies daily for quite a few years.  The one yesterday included, claytonia, tatsoi, spinach, a few Brussels sprouts, one cox pippin apple, one lemon (core and pips all go in), all the seeds from a very sweet cantaloupe –  all except the last two are locally sourced and organic.    I like to add fresh ginger which is warming, good for flavour as well as stimulates digestion, increases enzyme production, is anti-inflammatory, eases nausea and has many other beneficial qualities.   Today’s smoothie, though packed with lovely green leaves, celery and an orange, was dark red with beetroot!    Delicious!

Claytonia in foreground, tatsoi at back, sprouts on a stick!

In the Summer, I tend to have more juices and in the Winter, smoothies.      I never do detoxes in January, I prefer to prepare at the time of Spring and it begins quite naturally around my birthday in late February, as it does potentially for all of us on our birthdays, if we give our cells a chance.        

Of course, our bodies are detoxifying and cleansing 24/7 without our effort.  We wouldn’t be here if they didn’t!   The homoeostatic controls whose unfathomably remarkable actions communicate billions of messages to trillions of cells every second –  have at their utmost intention: our survival at all costs.

The liver, the hardest working organ (though the skin is the largest) is highlighted between the hours of 1 am – 3 am in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which is why it is so important we are sound asleep long before that time so it can do its bodily housekeeping tasks.

For most of us, living in a toxic world, we must give our bodies all the help we can with Naturopathic Techniques.    We are bombarded by a cocktail of thousands of chemicals as no other generation has ever been before.   

However, whilst we take herbs, superfoods and supplements to bring nutrition into the cells which is important to do; it is not by taking things that we get rid of symptoms.      We eliminate symptoms firstly by identifying the offending substance, situation, location, or foods (they aren’t always the obvious culprits) and cleansing the cells.    Many people who do detoxes at any time of the year can feel wonderful for the first two or even three weeks, but there can be a revisitation of symptoms if the release of toxicity is not managed.

Thyme flowers from my window box, sprouting broccoli, coriander and leaves

The Spring Equinox isn’t far away (hurrah, a great cause for celebration, release, new beginnings), bringing with it the lush proliferation of Spring growth where nothing is ever as vividly green as at that time.   This is a wonderful time to undertake a special detoxification, as are the Solstices.   

Winter solstice

Image via Wikipedia


They are natural Earth times, rather than the Gregorian calendar dates) to prepare for cleanses.    We are part of the Earth and the galaxy, not part of an organised, printed calendar!  

The Full and New Moons each month also exert a natural, magnetic pull on our watery bodies which cleanses cellular waste – again, provided we ensure our exits (skin, lungs, colon) are all clear pathways for that exit.     If the liver is overloaded (bread, sugars, alcohol, caffeine etc are burdens on the liver) and you are subsequently struggling with your individual food intolerances and allergies, then the liver can’t cope with the amount of biochemical waste being released during a detoxification (otherwise it’s akin to trying to take out the rubbish with the kitchen door locked!)   and toxicity just backs up into blood (producing brain fog and fatigue/ME/CFS/CFIDS) or further to lymph causing mucous related symptoms (colds and flu that linger on and on).

Green juicing brings absorbed sunlight to our DNA, alkalises and aids digestion, helps to release toxic waste (and toxic emotions – the solar plexus is where we digest food and thoughts) or anything else we may be holding onto that no longer serves us.   This is the time, in 2012, where we can free ourselves of so much that has held us back in the past.

I wish you a vibrantly healthy season, joyful juicing and clarity of cleansing!

With Dawn Light Blessings

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