The Solution to our Chronic Mineral Deficiency

 The Priority Nutrient I’ve Taken Daily since 2005

Greetings Dear Friends

I began taking 75 Plant Minerals in 2005 with great success and, on Friday 13th 2006, I began getting my 75 plant minerals automatically every month so this day Friday 13th 2012 is something of an anniversary for me!   (For more details about the importance of PLANT minerals, please see the 75 plant minerals page and my article).

Unfortunately, beautiful though this organic produce pictured below is in terms of freshly picked chlorophyll and cellulose, none of it contains remotely the minerals we need for health because minerals are no longer in the ground (McCance and Widdowson’s 51-year study from 1940-1991).     Taking 5-12 portions of vegetables isn’t nearly enough, nor would a truck load be!

Plants don’t make minerals, they absorb minerals from the ground (which have already been by transformed in the soil by mycorrhiza, a fungus) – providing minerals are present.   Only when they’ve absorbed and predigested minerals can they:  a) make them microscopically absorbable to our cells (and consciousness) and b) produce vitamins in sufficient quantity.

Organic fruits and vegetables but none contain sufficient minerals for optimum health

When people crave specific foods or drinks, this is often the result of mineral deficiency and is a form of malnutrition or malnourishment.      Before plant minerals, I used to crave organic chocolate confectionary and one large bar was never enough!     But now I don’t even consider it a food.     Three months after taking the minerals, not even desiring that confectionary (cooked sugar and dairy) was one of the many great benefits.   I do like my own raw cacao creations but don’t crave any food or drink – but will always take great pleasure in eating living foods.

I wrote in my article of Mrs Takata whose daily consumption of blended vegetables (in the days when there were more minerals available) and a typical recipe was: “1 grapefruit, 1 nice beet, 1 heaped tablespoon of chopped almonds, 3 heaped tablespoons sunflower seeds, 1 cup raw cabbage blended with distilled water.”   (I make my smoothies with mostly greens and recently added all the seeds from a cantaloupe melon.)

 One of the biggest health advice myths is to take individual minerals.    “Zinc for the immune system” or “calcium for bones.”  Bones are made of many minerals not just one!   Humans, animals and plants require a full spectrum of minerals in balance as nature made them for us to eat in plant form.       When a mineral is large enough to be isolated, it is metallic, hydrophobic (water repellent) i.e. directly from the Earth instead of via a plant.   So the source could be ground up rocks, oyster shell, sea salt or soil extract which can actually be toxic.   An individual mineral cannot be extracted from plants because plant-derived minerals are too small to be separated in a laboratory.

Nature designed this for perfectly good reason!     The minuscule size of plant-sourced minerals means that our cells can also absorb them  – rapidly and easily – because they are hydrophilic (water loving, like us!).   This is what makes them so incredibly effective and welcomed by every one of our cells.     They also contribute to our level of consciousness (David Wolfe, me and others!).


After oxygen and water, minerals are absolutely the most vital nutritional substance to our bodies and are required in abundance.       Vitamins can only work with plant minerals.   3,500 of 4,000 enzymes in each one of our trillions of cells lie dormant until they are activated by plant minerals!   Those activities are just a tiny part of the infinite roles minerals play in the body.

Since I wrote my article in 2005 (full version pasted on the minerals page with Q&A), others have also pointed out that calcium supplements on their own cause calcification – best avoided altogether.    [The focus on calcium was entirely for the promotion of the milk trade – and in pasteurised milk the small amount of calcium is no longer in an absorbable form anyway!  (Don’t get me started on BGH injections – Bovine Growth Hormone – cattle vaccinations and antibiotics.)  Again, unpasteurised dairy is best given a very wide berth! ]

The roles minerals play in our bodies is vast.   Unfortunately, our plants and other foods have been seriously lacking minerals for many decades so we must supplement as all nutrition is based on plant minerals.      600 mg x 2 per day of 75 plant minerals is the minimum adult requirement.


Plant minerals feed every cell and organ system from the Integumentary (skin), Skeletal, Circulatory (blood), Reproductive, Central Nervous System, Respiratory,  the Immune System – most of which is located in the Digestive tract.     Our bodies are designed to detoxify 24/7 – provided they receive the essential nutritional fuel they require.


We are more exposed to toxins and radiation than ever before.    The recent occurrence in Japan and the unreported nuclear explosion in Ontario, has caused radiation to be reported everywhere in the world.  (Although there have been 2053 nuclear explosions since 1945 – and that doesn’t include those below Earth and in outer space.)      Plant minerals are in top of the list of radiation protection nutrients.

Only Plant Minerals are efficiently absorbable – not the individual minerals in separate jars which are from ground up rock, oyster shells, salt lakes.       See my full article originally published in “Healing Today”  HERE  or on the minerals page in this blog.

After oxygen and water, minerals are absolutely the most vital nutritional substance to our bodies and are required in abundance.   I take them every day.    Vitamins can only work with plant minerals.    3,500 of 4,000 enzymes in each one of our trillions of cells lie dormant until they are activated by plant minerals!   Those activities are just a tiny part of the infinite roles minerals play in the body.         This is certainly the season to top up your daily minerals dosage to prevent ill-health – and it’s never too late!

Minerals /health article by Dawn Adrienne Taylor originally appeared in “Healing Today” in 2005


With Beaming Bio-photons and Dawn Light Blessings!

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